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Our Main Office

At LuxeTenten we make beautiful, sustainable, eco-friendly glamping tents and safari lodges. We’ve been doing it for over a decade and we are told we do it very well.

Our team

We work from the Netherlands and love the great outdoors. We enjoy hiking, travel and adventure. It’s our passion. We love camping, especially in style. That’s why all our products bring a touch of luxury to outdoor living.

Our designers

Our creative team travels the world in search of inspiration and ideas to create magical experiences for fellow adventurers. Everyone gets to try our products for themselves. We embrace their feedback and ideas but value our clients’ insights as well. We listen to them and discuss the smallest details until our tents and lodges are perfect for them – and for their guests too. It’s how we keep improving and it’s what has made us the best in our field.


Ten years young
We started our journey in 2009. Today we are market leader in Europe, ambitious as ever
before. We will spend the next ten years expanding our footprint across the globe. We are
LuxeTenten and proud of it!

The Luxury Tent Thailand

Currently the company The Luxury Tent Thailand is very busy developing marketing for luxetenten, but its experience also ranges in the tourism field with twenty years of experience as one of the main Destination Management Company for the European market of which Domenico is Development Director and CEO, but also another important figure of The Luxury Tent Thailand is Kwanchanok who takes care of the quality control and commercial development sector, and interacts with import of the entire range in Thailand

Thailand Official Dealer