Perfection becomes reality
Luxury Suite

A touch of the Orient

Imagine a night under the stars, but with all the comforts of home. Our Luxury Suite, the newest addition to our range, offers everything your guests need for a camping holiday with a difference.

Bell Tent

Bringing your guests closer to the great outdoors

Remember those circular tents in children’s story books about adventurers and explorers living in the wilds? Our classic Bell Tent in khaki canvas brings those childhood tales to life for your customers – but with a little more style and comfort.

Glamping Lodge

Luxurious outdoor living

Your guests can escape everyday life in one of our spacious Glamping Lodges with all the comforts they would expect at home, but away from it all.

Woody Junior

Simple, stylish and spacious

Running a festival or an outdoor event? We know that they are not always glamorous – rain, mud and wind can dampen the spirits of even the most enthusiastic guest, which is why, whatever the weather, our Woody Junior is ideal.

Luxury Lodge

A home away from home

Camping, for some people conjures up images of trudging to the shower block in the dark, or heating up a can of beans over an open fire, our Luxury Lodge will make them think again. It has all the comforts of home and comes with its own kitchen and bathroom, or two. Welcome to glamping.

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